Pictures For Your Ad
We manually upload your pictures to our .com with your requested address.  Within 24 hours we email your personally selected URL address to you so you can
advertise your items by referring buyers to your pictures at your personalized webpage.
All your pictures on 1 or more
web pages without owning a
Send us your order - We get your webpage up -View your
webpage - Like it - pay us for our service
It's Free for 2 DAYs

Basic package: $1.95
Your web page
8 pictures any size (760w, 380w, 250w)
see example
4 weeks of an active webpage
You choose your:
Web page name ([your name]
Template (9 to choose from)
page title
size of each picture
The order of your pictures on the webpage

*Resizing: $0.45 each picture
*Additional pictures: $0.25 each picture after the first 8
*Keeping web page active after 4 weeks: $1.50 per week / $6 indefinitely
*Captioned Text: $0.75 per box (limit 50 words per box)
*Descriptive Text: $0.25 per description (limit 6 words per entry)
Price text is free
*Weekly Hit/visitor Report to your web page: $4.50 per week

After viewing your new webpage online, you have two days to pay
                                for the continued service
Payment methods:
1.  Check
2.  PayPal

The following is directions on paying through PayPal:
1.  You check out through
PayPal where you will decide:
a.  How many pictures you will want to advertise
To see examples of size - click
b.  Pictures must be 640X480 (pixels) or smaller
If you did not resize them, they will have to be resized.  
Be sure you add that charge (exception: phone camera)
How do I resize them?
c.  Will you want to add captioned text?  How many boxes?
(no more than 50 words per box)  see
d.  Will you add descriptive text on your pictures?
(no more than 10 words per description)  see
e.  Upon checking out PayPal will give you an itemized list for
 your placed order.  I also will get that list, of course without
 your personal information.  This information goes with the
 PFYA form that you will email to us along with your
 pictures.  With this form you give us direction as to your
 wishes.  At the bottom of the form you can link to email where
 you will attach the form and all of your pictures, uploading them
 in the order (left to right) in which you want them to appear
 on your new web page.
f.  If your pictures are too numerous to email, You may mail us a CD:
   Pictures For Your Ad
   PO Box 26
   Keene, VA  22946

Get your webpage with your pictures online.  Click
                         Our Policy

We do not work with .pdf files.

Please allow 24 hrs from the time we receive your email
(we will immediately acknowledge by reply).  

Always use the form provided by us to place an order.

Payment to PayPal must be made before we start your request.  

Please, no indecent wording or pictures (We reserve the right to
determine what is indecent).  We reserve the right to refuse any
particular order.  Monies paid to PayPal will be refunded on the 8th
business day of the day the payment was made.

We deserve the right to place ads on your page if it was issued free
to you.

If you have question about your items, feel free to
contact us.

Pictures will be entered on the web page from top to bottom
according to the size that you have requested for any particular
picture in the order which you uploaded them (left to right).

Any adjustments in your web page must be requested between
8 AM and 5 PM eastern standard time the first day your web page
becomes active.  Email us.

We give 100% guarantee of total refund of your money if not
completely satisfied (no arbitration - no questions asked).  You
must email us within 24 hours from time your URL became active
expressing your dissatisfaction in a kindly manner.  We will refund
your monies on the 8th day from the day you made the payment
with PayPal.

When you place an order with us you are agreeing with the terms of
this policy.